~*bEcKy*~ (theedgeofnight) wrote in sanrio_claims,

Hello Kitty EBAY Auction

Hi all! I just wanted to share with you my Hello Kitty Ebay auction. I have some CUTE Hello Kitty air fresheners that are pretty cheap for sale. I got the cute airplane one when I was in Hawaii. Its really cute! I have one hanging in my car. You place it in front of your air vent and when the air is going through it, the propeller on HK's plane spins! I will be adding more HK stuff like a make up bag that is a LV imitation and stationary stuff. I also have a Keroppi doll and HK bath set.

Add me to your favorite sellers list!


email me at theedgeofnite@msn.com with any questions. Thank you!
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